Can I still attend if I'm not receiving an Award?

Yes; the Awards Sundowner is open to all St John Volunteers and Staff and you are encouraged to attend and celebrate the important milestones of our award recipients. Please ensure you register early for this event as spaces will be limited.

When do I need to arrive if I am receiving an Award?

As an award recipient you will need to be at the BelleVue Ballroom by 5.00pm to register and let us know you have arrived. Please ensure you let St John staff know at the door that you are an Award recipient so we can give you instructions on the order of proceedings and the part you will play in the ceremony.

Will I need to do any public speaking as part of receiving my Award?

Depending on the award the MC may ask you some questions about your time with St John Ambulance to share with your fellow St John friends and colleagues, however no problem if you are not comfortable with this please let staff know when you arrive on the day.

What if I am getting an award but can't attend the Awards Sundowner?

If you can’t attend the Awards Sundowner we will make sure you get your award either sent to you or your local office and they will arrange for you to receive your award locally.

What is the Dress code?