Open to all to register on 1 June 2017

(Please note this event is open to all St John Volunteers and Staff to Attend)  

We are proud to celebrate the milestones of 230 Award recipients this year all having achieved over 10 years of dedicated service to St John.   We would like to invite you to join us in recognising these wonderful St John Volunteers and Staff during a beautiful ceremony followed by food, drink and live music.

If you would like pre-paid parking for this event you will need to ensure you add this to your registration/RSVP before the 10 July 2017, when the parking request closes.


(Note: parking closes 10 July 2017)
Registration closes : 3 August 2017

NOTE: If you are working and wish to attend the Awards Sundowner on the 24 August please check with your line manager before registering.