There are approximately 5,000 car parking bays within a 10 minute walk of Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The City of Perth Convention Centre Car Park is located directly under the Centre.

City of Perth Convention Centre Car Park

Open : 24 hours, 7 days a week
Access : via Mill St, Mounts Bay Rd, or the Riverside Drive off-ramp from the Mitchell Freeway
Payment : cash, credit card, or City of Perth Parking Card

Centre access : direct access to PCEC during opening hours via central foyer lift and staircases
Contact : 1300 889 613

For further information on City of Perth parking visit:

Pre-Paid Parking 

As part of your registration for the State Conference and the Awards Sundowner you can order prepaid parking tickets.   The deadline for ordering prepaid parking tickets is 10 July 2018.

NOTE: Pre-paid tickets are only valid for the duration of these events, please check parking restrictions and costs outside of these times.

State Conference pre-parking tickets are valid from 7am to 7pm so those staying after this time will need to note that they will do so at their own expense. If you are staying at a hotel close to the PCEC, it may be easier to leave your car at your hotel and walk to the venue. 

Awards Sundowner Pre-paid Parking  (note this is now on Thursday)

As part of your registration for the Awards Sundowner you will be asked if you require parking (deadline 10 July 2018). Please note that your State Conference parking ticket is not valid for this event.  Please select parking when registering for the Sundowner before the 10 July.

St John Ball Parking

Please note that your pre-paid tickets are not valid for the St John Ball and therefore you will need to make arrangements to pay for your parking if you intend to bring your car when attending the St John Ball. Please drink responsibility and have a designated skipper if you are bringing a vehicle.